Setting up Atuin

Atuin is a really nice tool to improve your terminal history. It uses an sqlite db to store you history, and allows you to nicely query against it.

Also it has a nice look and feel :)

It rebinds ctrl + r, and shows an interface like this:

Lets go over how to install:

Run this:

bash <(curl

installation for bash

We need to setup some hooks, so first install bash-preexec:

curl -o ~/
echo '[[ -f ~/ ]] && source ~/' >> ~/.bashrc

Then setup Atuin

echo 'eval "$(atuin init bash)"' >> ~/.bashrc

To not lose all your other history, Atuin has a nice functionality to import you old history, simply use:

atuin import auto

And Atuin will automatically detect the shell you’re using and import your history.